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At Studytube, we believe that it is vital for companies to be future-proof. Now more than ever. That is why we offer an all-in-one learning platform that inspires your employees to build their own future. After all, your company is only as future-proof as its employees.

These organisations learn and grow with Studytube

  • Manpower
  • Gemeente Groningen
  • Volkerwessels
  • Adecco
  • ASR
  • RDW
  • Wij zijn jong
  • Gemeente Eindhoven
  • Centric
  • CZ
  • Spar
  • Kibeo
  • HZPC
  • UBN
  • Meandergroep
  • Brisker
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Lassie
  • Van Wijnen
  • Arrange group
  • ROC
  • Mitsubishi Motors
  • VNG

A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and Learning Management System (LMS) in one.

LXP: A personalised learning environment

1 L Eén centrale plek voor Leren & Ontwikkelen

The Learning Experience Platform is a central, user-friendly learning environment where employees can easily search, book and follow training courses - wherever and whenever they want. The platform also makes suggestions based on their profile, learning behaviour and preferences. This way, you can be sure that you are giving your employees a personalised and appropriate learning experience.

LMS: Managing and monitoring all learning activities

1 R Meer inzicht en overzicht dankzij ons LMS

Compiling course libraries, assigning learning paths, insight into qualifications and learning budgets, setting up automatic triggers and messages: with our Learning Management System, you can manage all learning activities in your organisation in one place.

Access to the world's best learning resources

Online training library

2 R Kies de juiste online trainingsbibliotheek

Every organisation is different. We do not believe that one sole provider houses the perfect collection of relevant courses for your company. That is why Studytube allows you to mix and match several course libraries, so you can satisfy all the different and unique learning needs within your organisation.

External classroom trainings

1 L Extern leeraanbod van topkwaliteit

With more than 19,000 education providers, the learning landscape in the Netherlands is extremely fragmented. No wonder your employees can't see the wood for the trees. With Studytube's Training Assistant, you can easily browse the course libraries of more than 1,000 affiliated educators, and select the trainings that suit your company's learning goals. We have also automated the entire purchasing and invoicing process, allowing your employees to swiftly find and book the right training.

Organisation-specific courses

1 R Ontwikkel organisatiespecifiek leeraanbod

With our authoring tool, you can easily create your own unique training courses. From extensive onboarding programmes to short instructional videos: everything is possible. Does your organisation already have its own e-learnings? You can easily add those as well.

Looking for a suitable learning solution for your sector?

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“We want to make all Dutch professionals happy, but we don't just do that by helping people find a job; we also want to educate, train and coach them. That's one of the reasons why we chose Studytube: we think it's important that people can develop themselves at UBN.”

Maarten Nonkes

Regional Manager, UBN Uitzendbureau


“To remain relevant and future-proof as an organisation, continuous personal development is indispensable. We are able to facilitate that by means of Studytube's all-in-one learning solution.”

Danny Buma

Manager Learning & Development, Van Wijnen


“We used to have 40 training courses that we all had to enter manually; that took an average of 1 FTE. Moreover, this was still mainly done by means of Excel files; the demand for digitisation became more and more urgent.”

Sandra Veerman

Programme Manager Leren & Ontwikkelen, Provincie Gelderland


“What do you, as an employee, need in order to develop in a direction that fits our strategy? Based on those particular wishes, we add learning content to the platform.”

Ronald Brekelmans

Advisor organisational development, Wij zijn JONG

Business Services

“With Studytube, we save €96,000 each year on the purchase of external courses.”

Hein Brockhoff

Director HR & Payroll, Centric


“I was looking for a platform where I could track employee development, offer a wide range of learning opportunities, and monitor who was following which courses. In short, an online academy, an LMS, and learning content in one. My search ended as soon as I discovered Studytube.”

Carola Machwirth

Manager Learning & Development, Intermax

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