Authoring tool
Authoring tool

Effortlessly develop your own training courses

Organisations easily add proprietary content in the form of micro learnings, online courses and in-person courses.

authoring tool

Three main applications of our Authoring tool

Create microlearnings

Add your own content in the form of presentations, videos and documents, as well as other content that is publicly available, such as YouTube videos. This allows you to easily create microlearnings, the learning snack for your employees.  

Create online courses

With the guided editor in the Authoring tool, you can create online training courses within minutes. Digitalize existing training courses or develop a new one.

Create internal events

Offer internal classroom training and workshops in your Online Academy. With the Authoring tool you can create a new classroom event in no time and easily add study materials and certificates. 

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Solve these challenges with the Authoring tool

  • Digitalise the onboarding programme
  • Create online training courses of frequently followed classroom courses
  • Create blended learning programmes
  • Retain knowledge in your company academy
  • Offer internal classroom training and workshops in your Online Academy
  • Add Microlearning resources to the Online Academy
Authoring tool visualised

Find several inspiring examples of trainings created with the Authoring tool below


GDPR training
Your whole organisation GDPR proof with your own created online training.
Safety instructions Fortron
Safety protocols to ensure a safe work environment
HACCP Certificate
Reduce costs by digitalizing frequently followed trainings