Ensure your workforce is sustainably employable

Investing in sustainable employability is essential to ensure that employees remain healthy until they retire and are able to carry out their work to the best of their ability. Organisations that work on the health, engagement and development of their employees immediately see results. This approach ensures higher job satisfaction, less absenteeism and higher labour productivity.
No less than 30% of employees indicate they're not putting any effort towards personal development. The main reasons behind this are a lack of awareness and a not having the right foundations and conditions to start.

Organisations experience two challenges:

  1. Employees are not sufficiently aware of the need for development.
  2. The right conditions for further training and retraining are lacking.
Organisations with sustainably employable employees are seeing direct results. The approach ensures higher job satisfaction, less absenteeism and higher productivity.
Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

The solution

Ensure sustainable employability of your workforce by implementing Studytube's learning platform.


Provide a diverse and relevant range of learning options

Offer material that meets every learning need. Offer a wide range of topics to develop 21st century skills. With Studytube, you can also offer the material in various forms: Microlearnings, online-, classroom- and blended trainings. You will be able to respond to any learning requirement this way.

Offer courses with the online training library

Train your organisation in sustainable employability

Translate your policy on sustainable employability to actionable results. With the authoring tool, it's easy to develop training courses that fit the situation and policy of your organisation. This way, employees are made aware of the benefits of lifelong learning.

Develop your own training courses with the authoring tool

Monitor and manage learning activities in your organisation

Organise and control learning activities by assigning training courses or entire learning pathways to employees. Stay informed about who is learning what, which employee has applied for external training or where training budget is being spent. With the reporting functionalities in Studytube’s Learning Management System, you can easily monitor all learning activities.

Organise and control your learning activities with our Learning Management System