Lifelong learning in local government

Knowledge for now and later

Local government is changing rapidly. Municipalities are being assigned more and more government tasks and additional responsibilities. Think of things like youth care, but also – partly due to the corona crisis – safety and communication. To be able to carry out these additional tasks, as a local government organisation, you have to give your employees the right knowledge and skills, now and in the future.

This is a challenge for HR managers, Learning & Development advisers and Organisational Development advisers. After all, how do you go from ad hoc solutions to a structural training policy, while the workload on staff continues to increase?

These local governments let their employees learn with Studytube

  • Gemeente Nijmegen
  • Provincie Limburg
  • Provincie gelderland
  • VNG
  • Gemeente Groningen
  • Gemeente Eindhoven
  • Gemeente Raalte
  • Gemeente Bronkhorst
  • Gemeente Zoetermeer
  • Gemeente Nieuwegein
  • Gemeente Zwolle
  • Gemeente Rheden

Improve the employability of your employees

With Studytube’s learning platform, you can make your employees versatile. This creates a dynamic work environment and caters for all additional tasks with the help of employees who can quickly acquire the right knowledge and skills. 

  • A specific online training library for local government, where your employees can access the (mandatory) knowledge they need now and in the future. A selection from the offer: “Preparing for the Environment Act”, “Writing policy and advisory reports”, “Government participation” and “Problem-oriented work”.
  • Onboarding training courses that you can easily create yourself with our authoring tool and automatically assign to employees, so they can start quickly with the right knowledge.
  • The LMS gives you real-time insight into the learning activities of your employees. You also manage the learning offer. This way you can be sure that all training courses contribute to both your own development and the organisational objectives.
  • Employees are in charge of their own development and can independently manage their Personal Training Budget (PTB). The LMS gives your organisation insight into this, and you can make adjustments (if necessary).

Government library

Overheidsbibliotheek R

Together with government experts and renowned trainers (VNG Connect, Stavoor, Wyzer and Lindenhaeghe), Studytube offers a unique training library for all domains within the municipality: Governance, Operations, Services, Physical domain and Social domain. From government participation to official integrity, you will find all relevant knowledge and expertise for the sector here. In addition, we offer training with a view to general skills that every municipal employee should have.

Make learning accessible

Studytube ensures that employees have easy access to all learning activities. Because the platform is available on all devices, both your office staff and field services can learn whenever and wherever they want.

  • One central environment where your employees have direct access to the online training library, external training courses and your own learning offering.
  • A place that, thanks to smart technology, inspires them to explore for themselves.
  • Device-independent learning, so you can follow training on your tablet, phone and/or laptop.
  • With an advanced search function and convenient filter options, you can quickly and easily search the entire learning offer.

How the Municipality of Bronckhorst uses Studytube to achieve its organisational goals

Organising learning efficiently

Studytube provides enormous time savings and ease in the organisation of your learning policy. By streamlining and automating all processes, the administrative burden disappears. Planning courses, communicating about the learning offer, requesting reports and managing learning budgets: it all becomes a piece of cake.

  • Qualification management, including storing and uploading certificates such as GDPR and ERO, automatic requests for recertification, and direct links between all certificates and your current staff system.
  • Reports and overviews that give you insight into who has attended which training courses and who has obtained which certificates.
  • The organisation of internal and external training courses, including all related communication, is automated via the platform – from sending invitations to rescheduling courses and generating customised certificates.

Local government must constantly respond to changes. Discover today how Studytube can help you with this.