Facilitate a learning organisation

The world is changing faster than ever. New technology, digitalisation, new laws and regulations but also changing customer expectations are the normal. Organisations that are able to adapt to these changing circumstances are also known as 'learning organisations'.
What learning organisations have in common is that they continuously invest in the development and updating of the knowledge and skills of their employees. Many organisations find it difficult to become a learning organisation. For example, learning might not be part of the organisational culture, the learning on offer is not relevant enough for employees and there is insufficient internal knowledge exchange. 

Barriers to becoming a learning organisation:

  1. Learning is not part of the organisational culture
  2. The learning offering is scattered across several channels and formats
  3. The learning offering does not match the learning demand
  4. Insufficient exchange of knowledge within the organisation
More than half of the top 500 companies will fail in the next 10 years due to their inability to adapt to circumstances. 
Pierre Nanterme, CEO, Accenture

The solution

Facilitate a learning organisation with the Studytube learning solution.


Make learning part of daily practice

Make learning part of the organisational culture by guiding learning activities and making learning accessible. With Studytube’s Learning Management System, you can guide learning activities by assigning training courses and learning pathways to employees. You can create insightful learning reports with the powerful reporting functionality.In this way employees immediately learn what they need, when they need it.

Guide learning activity with the Learning Management System
learning organisation

Offer one central place for all your material

Make learning accessible and transparent by providing the full range of your learning offering at one central learning location. Employees can immediately follow online training and learning pathways, or search for and book classroom training courses. That is easily accessible learning at one central learning location. 

Read more about the online academy
Read more about the online academy

Provide a diverse and relevant range of learning options

Offer material that meets every learning need. Offer a wide range of topics to develop 21st century skills. You can also offer the material in various forms. For instance, microlearning, online, classroom and blended training. You will therefore be able to respond to any learning requirement. 
Offer learning resources with the online training library

Encourage knowledge exchange

Continuous knowledge sharing is central in a learning organisation. With the Authoring tool, experts and knowledge ambassadors can create a training course or test for colleagues in no time at all. In this way, your staff can easily catch up with each other about, for example, tackling a problem or product or sector-specific know-how.

Encourage knowledge exchange with the authoring tool
knowledge management