A diverse online learning offer

Every organisation has its own culture, job roles and learning needs. So why choose one online training library? At Studytube you select the online learning offer that suits your employees. Whether it's one online supplier or multiple: we integrate it all.

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Choose your own online training library

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The online learning offer is growing enormously. But how do you choose the one online training library that meets all your learning needs? Well, you don't! Because every organisation's learning needs are unique, Studytube allows you to choose and integrate one or more providers. Pluralsight, Noordhoff Professional or Studytube: together we determine what suits your employees.

Wondering how you can create a diverse and relevant learning offer for your employees? We are happy to advise you.

Studytube's online training library



Develop competencies online

3 L Toekomstbestendige medewerkers

Studytube's online training library consists of more than 250 online courses and 1,000 microlearnings on subjects such as digital skills, vitality, project management and communication. The offer is developed according to a consistent methodology. We believe that online learning is not only about transferring knowledge, but also about developing competencies and ultimately changing behaviour. With our training library your employees will not only absorb knowledge, but also get to work immediately with questions, assignments and role plays.

A selection from our rich range

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High-quality learning from top experts

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For our online training library, we selected experts based on their area of expertise, experience, notoriety and publications - from Olympic champions to management gurus and everything in between. We are constantly optimising the content so that it always meets our high-quality standards. Moreover, the range is continuously expanded based on customer feedback and market developments. Your employees can therefore count on an up-to-date and high-quality learning offer.

A word from a few trainers


“We all have goals in our lives. You too. How great would it be if you could achieve those? You do it by bringing out the best in yourself. That's why in my training, I want to tell you my story: how did I make my dreams come true? This will give you more insight into all aspects that play a role, so you too can realise your ambitions”

Maarten van der Weijden

Former Olympic swimmer


“Maximum performance at work and also being the nicest person at home: how do you do it? In my opinion, it's all about the balance between performing and recovering from those efforts. That is why in my training, you will learn what energy management entails and which 'batteries' play a role in this. This will give you more insight into nutrition, sleep, exercise and relaxation, allowing you to create a more energetic work and personal life for yourself.”

Jochem Uytdehaage

Former Olympic skater


“In many organisations, people find it difficult to speak to each other about the behaviour that colleagues exhibit. Also, not everyone knows how to handle constructive feedback. Would you like to learn to respectfully say what you think about something and increase your assertiveness? This training gives you insight into how to give and receive feedback and how to ask for feedback. You also learn more about the risks of careless feedback and building up emotions.”

Monique Lueb

Leadership development - Team coaching - Interviewing techniques

Industry-specific training

5 L Branchespecifieke trainingen

Besides a general offer, our online training library also contains courses that are developed especially for specific industries. Think of “Environmental Act” for the government, “Wft” for business services or “VCA” for the construction industry. But employees from the childcare, staffing, production and care sectors will also find training that prepares them for the future.

Our learning offer per sector


Only with the right knowledge can civil servants respond to the decentralisation of government tasks and accelerated digitisation. You will find these competencies in our training library for the government, including more than 100 training courses such as “Basic skills of the municipal civil servant”, “Writing advisory and policy reports” and “Effective collaboration”.

Discover our learning offer for the government sector

Staffing & Flex

Various sectors are shrinking and flex workers are changing jobs ever more quickly, but as a staffing organisation you have to be able to redeploy them efficiently every time. With our online training library, your flex workers are always perfectly prepared for their new assignment. From “Forklift Theory” and “Telephone sales” to “Allergens in the Catering Industry”: it's all here.

Ontdek ons leeraanbod voor de uitzendbranche

Construction & Infrastructure

Nowhere is the need for continued learning more evident than in the construction industry. New regulations, technologies and materials follow each other in rapid succession. With training courses such as “VCA”, “Conflict management” and “Creative thinking: key to innovation”, you give professionals on the construction site all the knowledge they need to work safely and to keep up with all the developments in the market.

Discover our learning offer for the construction sector

Business services

In the battle for the customer, your employees are your most important weapons. By investing in their development, their knowledge evolves with our changing society. So give your employees access to training courses such as “Customer-oriented e-mailing” and “Community Management” so that your clients can count on the best quality service every time.

Discover our learning offer for business services


As a childcare organisation you want to give your pedagogical staff the right knowledge and skills. After all, this is how you continue to guarantee the required high quality. With Studytube you give them access to both compulsory training courses (e.g. “Language requirement 3F” and “Child ERO”) as well as training for their personal development (e.g. “Work energetically” and “Sleeping well in times of stress”).

Discover our learning offer for childcare


Many SME entrepreneurs pay (too) little attention to the professional development of their employees, while the consequences of the corona crisis demand new skills. Time to get acquainted with Studytube, the most inspiring learning platform in the Netherlands. Together we will emerge stronger from the pandemic.

Discover our learning offer for SMEs

Would you like to know how to use our online training library to create a learning offer that fills all learning needs? Then request an online demonstration.