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The world is changing faster than ever. Organisations that successfully respond to these changes are referred to as ‘learning organisations’. At Studytube we can help you to become a learning organisation.

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Our story

As students in Maastricht, founders Homam Karimi and Gerhard Riphagen experienced the limitations of impersonal ‘one-size-fits-all’ lectures. As a result, they saw that students did not realise their full potential. Inspired by the possibilities of online learning, they started StudytubeLaw, an adaptive learning platform.


Our vision of ‘lifelong learning’

We believe in employees who want to learn. From that perspective, we are working towards a fully automated and intuitive learning experience platform. The central place where everything for learning and development comes together. Our principles for lifelong learning consist of five pillars.

  1. One-size learning approaches are doomed to fail
  2. The user is central
  3. Employees want to learn for themselves
  4. Fully automated
  5. Smart and self-learning

Our core values define our culture

We want our employees to realise their full potential. That’s our goal. To fulfill this purpose, we have identified four core values that define our culture. These values are sacred because they determine what we stand for and how we interact with each other.

  • Be

  • Never stop

  • We’re in this

  • Stay

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