Reduce your onboarding costs up to 71% 

Organisations with high staff turnover, such as call centres and employment agencies, spend a lot of time on staff onboarding. The onboarding programme is given in class, while the onboarding programme (all or part of it) can also be offered online. Especially for a large number of participants, the investment in working time rises sharply.
Classroom-based onboarding is also time-bound, so onboarding can only start on the first day. The learning pace of participants also differs, which means that there are differences in the level of knowledge at the end of the onboarding, and there is often no control of the level of knowledge. 


With classroom onboarding:

  1. The investment in working time is greater
  2. The onboarding only starts on the first working day
  3. The effectiveness is limited by differences in learning pace
A classroom onboarding programme costs an organisation up to 8 hours extra working time per participant. 

Our solution

Digitalise your onboarding programme with Studytube.


Save working time with a digital onboarding programme

Save working time by digitalising all or part of the onboarding programme. This replaces the theoretical part of classroom and one-to-one onboarding by colleagues and managers. Think, for instance, of instructions, rules, but also explanations about culture and connections in your organisations. This saves your organisation both costs and time.With the authoring tool you can easily create an online onboarding programme.

Digitalise your onboarding programme with the authoring tool

Offer knowledge and information before the first workday

Onboarding does not start on the first working day but after signing the contract. New employees get off to a flying start by starting the onboarding programme before their first working day. With the online academy you can offer new employees access to the onboarding programme anytime and anywhere. This will reduce time to productivity and save on induction time and costs. 

Offer knowledge before the first workday with the online academy

Increase the effectiveness of the onboarding programme

With a digital onboarding programme, employees learn at their own pace. With a test in the onboarding programme you can gauge the knowledge level of the employee. 
If the employee does not have the desired level of knowledge, the employee will follow the training course again, or you can simply offer additional training. You also combine training in a learning pathway, which you can assign. This increases the effectiveness of the onboarding programme. 
Increases the effectiveness of onboarding with the LMS