Attract talent and build a thriving workforce

Due to the tight labour market, many vacancies remain vacant. This forces employers to think about strengthening their employer brand. 
For talent, growth and development opportunities are of utmost importance. Organisations with inspiring education programs and good learning facilities are able to attract talent and manage to fill up to 10% more vacancies. 
Diverse learning demands make it a challenge for many organisations to select an education progam. Fragmentation across multiple platforms means that the learning offering isn’t accessible, and employees have no insight into budgets. Employees also need guidance when selecting training courses.

The most important barriers to a strong employer brand with learning:

  1. The courses on offer are not accessible.
  2. Employees have no insight into learning budgets.
  3. The learning offering does not meet the learning needs.
  4. Employees need guidance in the area of learning. 
By 2020, 35% of the world’s workforce will be millennials. Attracting this generation is a priority for HRM managers.
Study ‘De carrières van millennials: een visie op 2020’ (‘The careers of millennials: a vision for 2020’), Manpower Group

The solution

Strengthen your employer brand with learning.


Make learning accessible

Make learning accessible and transparent by providing the full range of your learning offering at one central learning location. Employees will find the complete learning offering, ranging from microlearning, online and classroom training, in your own online company academy. Enable employees to develop by making learning accessible from one central learning location. 

Make learning accessible with the online academy

Provide a diverse and relevant range of learning options

Offer material that meets every learning need. Offer a wide range of topics to develop 21st century skills. You can also offer the material in various forms. For instance, microlearning, online, classroom and blended training. You will therefore be able to respond to any learning requirement. 
Offer relevant learning resources with the online training library

Offer a personal learning budget

Employees want autonomy in meeting their training needs. Empower employees to take charge over their own development with a personal learning budget. Employees look for and book training courses from a selection of training courses provided by external trainers. When they do they immediately see whether the cost of the training is within their budget. Keep control over training costs with a budget check. Empowering employees while strengthening  their feeling of autonomy will improve your employer brand.


Offer a personal learning budget with the training intermediary

Provide a clear development path

Many employees struggle to choose the right training courses. For many people, it is difficult to determine which training courses are relevant to their learning needs. Help employees design their individual learning plan from your range of courses by setting out a clear development path for them.

Learning pathways allow you to combine microlearnings, online and face-to-face trainings. You can easily adjust the learning pathways to suit the individual, team or job. 


Create a development path with the authoring tool