Reduce staff turnover by up to 60%

Retaining staff is a challenge for many organisations. Research from the Global Employee Engagement Index shows that employee turnover in organisations with committed employees is up to 60% lower. In addition, they are 26% more productive. An important factor in employee engagement and commitment is the development potential within your organisation.
Many organisations struggle with a lack of onboarding of new employees. As a result, 33% of employees leave before the end of the first year. Selecting a learning offering is also a challenge due to the diverse learning needs of employees. Fragmentation across multiple platforms means that the learning offering isn’t accessible, and employees have no insight into budgets. Employees also need guidance when selecting training courses.

The main reasons for turnover due to lack of development opportunities:

  1. The onboarding programme is flawed.
  2. The learning offering is irrelevant or not diverse enough. 
  3. Employees do not have access to learning facilities.
  4. Employees have no insight into learning budgets.
Personnel turnover in organisations with enthusiastic employees is up to 60% lower than average.
Research Global Employee Engagement Index™

The solution

Bind and engage employees with good and accessible learning facilities. 


Engage and retain employees with an effective onboarding programme

Well begun is half done, as they say. Ensure that new employees have immediate access to the right information and knowledge to be successful. Develop your own onboarding programme with the Authoring tool and offer it in the Online Academy. Employees who have been given proper induction training are more committed and more loyal to their employer. This is how you engage and retain new employees.

Digitalise your onboarding programme with the authoring tool

Provide a diverse and relevant range of learning options

Offer material that meets every learning need. Offer a wide range of topics to develop 21st century skills. You can also offer the material in various forms. For instance, microlearning, online, classroom and blended training. You will therefore be able to respond to any learning requirement. 
Offer relevant learning resources with the online training library

Make learning accessible

Make learning accessible and transparent by providing the full range of your learning offering at one central learning location. Employees will find the complete learning offering, ranging from microlearning, online and classroom training, in your own online company academy. This makes it easy for employees to learn at one central learning location. 

Make learning accessible with the online academy

Offer a personal learning budget

Employees want autonomy in meeting their training needs. Give every employee control over learning with a personal learning budget. Employees look for and book training courses from a selection of training courses provided by external trainers, and immediately see whether the cost of the training is within their budget.Keep control over training demand with a budget check. This learning facility reduces staff turnover. 

Offer a personal budget with the training assistant