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Improve the employability of your temporary workers

Optimal preparation with the right knowledge

The staffing sector is recovering. Now that the economy is picking up, many companies are already struggling with staff shortages and have to look for flex workers. So it's up to you to get your temps ready for their next assignment.

But how do you ensure that their knowledge always matches the ever-changing demands of the market? And how do you give them the right study advice and the most appropriate career guidance at the same time, so that they continue to work for you for longer? This requires an active attitude: doing everything possible to continue to help this very diverse group of temporary workers with further training and retraining.

These temporary employment agencies let their flex workers learn with Studytube

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Getting started with the right knowledge

With Studytube, your temporary employees can easily find and book training or a course. This way you can be sure that they acquire the right knowledge at the right time. Moreover, you not only make them more employable, but you can also better respond to the changing demand from the job market and your client.

  • The Learning Experience Platform gives employees insight into their required training, as well as inspiration to supplement it with optional courses for their personal development.
  • A complete, diverse and relevant learning offer with all kinds of learning formats: from online to offline and blended, classroom and individual – and everything in between.
  • A specific online training library for the staffing industry, which allows your temps to follow training courses in their own time and at their own pace.

How Manpower responds to today's L&D challenges

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The right guidance to the next assignment

In order to guide your temps to their next assignment, you want to be able to give them the right advice on their study or career choice. This requires insight into their knowledge and skills. With Studytube, you have access to reports that immediately show you who has the appropriate competencies, and who still needs to brush up on his or her skills.

  • Reports and overviews that give you insight into who has attended which training courses and who has obtained which certificates.
  • You can determine how often agents receive reports on expiring certifications.
  • Qualification management, including storing certificates in files, automatic requests for recertification, and a direct link between all certificates and your staff or flex system;
  • Thanks to extensive reports, you always know who is missing what knowledge for his or her next assignment.

Success story: Manpower

We want to prepare our flex employees as well as possible for their current or future positions, but this is extremely labour intensive", says Geesje Leijenaar, Manager L&D at Manpower. Together with Studytube, she looked for - and found - a solution.

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Good employment practices and a strong employer brand

An essential part of being a good employer and having a strong employer brand is offering development opportunities. Young people in particular are increasingly choosing to work for an organisation where they can freely invest in their personal and professional growth. But the older generation must also continue to learn because of the constant demand for new and modern skills. With Studytube, you fill all those different needs.

  • A learning offer with not only compulsory training courses, but also a wide range of soft skill training courses, which you can use to contribute to the sustainable employability of your temporary workers. 
  • Easily create digital onboarding programmes together with your client. This saves the client a lot of time afterwards and the temporary worker can start off optimally prepared.
  • With the fully equipped learning environment in your own corporate style, you not only contribute to the sustainable employability of your temps, but you also build a strong employer brand and good employment practices.

Flex workers need training to remain employable. Discover how Studytube helps temporary employment agencies.